School-Based Services

For public and private elementary, middle and high schools


Teacher, Staff and Administrator School Services

At The Academy of Physical & Social Development, we provide an eclectic variety of school-based services to both public and private academic institutions throughout the Greater Boston area.


We can observe, assess and analyze behavior and procedures in your elementary, middle or high school to determine if it is inclusive for students with special education needs. Our supervision can also extend to special education teachers and coordinators who are addressing student issues relating to mental health.


Your team can effectively address behavior, social, emotional and family issues related to the school’s student body with professional instruction from our experienced staff members. Ongoing training, plan development and support for teachers and administrators is offered as well.


In addition to working alongside your school’s faculty, we can also provide outreach to your students and members of the greater community. We are able to deliver services that are typically fulfilled by school adjustment counselors and social workers, such as providing students with IEP required access to individual and group counseling as well as facilitating discussions with parent groups reguarding social, emotional and developmental issues.


Consultation and Training

For mental health counselors, psychologists, social workers, school personnel, nurses, extended day staff and camp workers


Our consultation and training services are designed to expand the models, interventions and resources that those who work with children have at their disposal. Your services will be tailored to learning objects that reflect the particular needs of your organization. Choose the teaching format that is best for your staff. We specialize in didactic instruction and hands-on learning as well as experimental and theoretical formats.

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