We help children gain self-esteem & confidence through social, psychological & physical activity.

The Academy of Physical and Social Development offers social skills group programs, individual counseling, parent support, school-based services and more.

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The Academy Mission

Since 1954, we have been helping young students in Newton and the surrounding area to thrive academically, interpersonally and in every other aspect of their lives with high quality services. We promote mastery, self-esteem and confidence through instilling social, psychological and physical competence. Consistency, competency, caring and connection form the foundation of our time-tested techniques.

Individualized Care

We take a completely personalized approach to each student that we work with, in both group and one-on-one settings. Our interview process enables us to learn more about your child’s goals and how The Academy can assist in reaching them. Your child’s services are tailored to reflect their specific strengths, weaknesses, interests and learning style as well as physical, developmental and emotional maturity and other distinct variables.


Specialized Staff

The extensive formal training and years of hands-on experience that our team of professionals possess enable us to cater to students of varying age groups, levels of academic experience and neurodiverse traits. Our techniques are so effective, we also consult and train mental health counselors, psychologists, social workers, school personnel, nurses, extended day staff, camp workers and other professionals. 

What We Offer

School-Based Services

Public and private academic institutions work with us to train their staff, analyze classroom behavior for inclusivity, collaborate on mental health policies, fulfill IEP required counseling resources and more. Elementary, middle and high schools also rely on us to deliver services typically provided by a school adjustment counselor or social worker.

Group Program

Our group program is designed to help students from grades K-12 develop self-confidence, self-esteem and improve social skills. Groups are held weekly, last 45-60 minutes and consist of cooperative group activities, including creative recreational games, group problem solving games and office games as well as traditional team sports, challenge courses and discussions.

Summer Programs

Help your child continue their growth this summer with our school year extension program. Areas of focus include social, conversational and problem solving and self-advocacy skills as well as strategies for reducing anxiety, coping with transitions, managing frustration and more. Our summer staff specialize in working with children who have varying social and emotional needs.

Counseling Services

Individual counseling is available to help your child overcome a variety of diverse challenges. Our areas of specialization include autism spectrum, attention deficit, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, behavior management, self-confidence and learning differences. In our parent consultations, we collaborate with you to create appropriate support plans for your child.

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