Group Program

Our group program is designed to help students in grades K-12 develop self-confidence, self-esteem and improve social skills. Your child will be enrolled in an activity group whose members are comparable in age, physical skill, developmental level and cognitive abilities as well as social and emotional maturity.

The supportive, safe and encouraging nature of our group dynamic helps facilitate the growth of each child’s self-esteem and social skills. Rapport and trust are built up between counselors and group members, as well as among peers. Groups and activities are structured in a way that promotes self-confidence through concrete success, while each child is having fun.

Front view portrait of diverse group of children playing with puzzle game indoors together

Group Meeting and Schedule Content:

Groups meet on the same day and time each week, and with the same counselors. Each session features a combination of physical activities in the gym space and a talking time, focusing on the groups social and emotional goals.  The activities within the group are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of that group. The activities encourage interactions amongst members which then allows the staff to intervene in the moment with your child. The play and the activities are the vehicle to helping the group to connect while instilling valuable skills and strategies. We maintain smaller group sizes of 2 to 7 members to ensure that each student receives the direct attention they need to thrive. The length of each session ranges from about 45 to 60 minutes.

Physical, social and verbal interaction are the central focus of our group sessions. For example, many games and activities created by The Academy are designed to promote choosing cooperative solutions over competing for individual accomplishment. Some of the activities we offer include:

  • Cooperative group activities
  • Creative recreational games
  • Group problem-solving games
  • Traditional team sports
  • Challenge courses
  • Office games and discussion

Targeted Goals of the Program

When your child attends group sessions with our experienced team of professionals at The Academy of Physical and Social Development, you can expect to see a variety of positive impacts. Just a few of benefits our program can provide include:

  • Developing positive social skills
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Improving self-image
  • Learning to read social cues
  • Channeling energy constructively
  • Improving communication skills
  • Increasing peer interaction
  • Understanding causes behind and effects of their behavior
  • Managing transitions and frustration more effectively
  • Learning problem-solving and negotiating skills
  • Identifying and expressing feelings
  • Learning to interpret non-verbal communication

Our Enrollment Process

At The Academy of Physical and Social Development, we proudly offer a variety of diverse services for children and their families in Newton and the surrounding area. We effectively work with children who have specific learning, developmental, emotional and psychological needs as well as students seeking a positive outlet for their energy, extra help at school, social experience and more.

As such, we require an initial interview with you and your child to determine which program or service is the best fit for them. Information from this exercise is used as a guide to select the most advantageous option available. Enrollment in The Academy group program occurs only after this process is completed.

Call (617) 969-2200, email or contact us using the form on our website to arrange for an interview today.


The standard fee for groups at The Academy is $93 per session. Our 42-week program is divided into 3 fourteen-week sessions and most participants continue throughout the school year. There is a $175 non-refundable fee for the initial interview which lasts approximately one hour.

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